Upgrade your cars technologyDo you drive a dated car? 

My husband and I both drive “old” cars. I use the term old loosely because I happen to think they are not that old. We have a 2001 Ford Explorer and a 2007 Honda Odyssey. And although they are that old I would love to have some of the new technology in them. We don’t even have built in blue tooth capability.
It turns out we are not the only ones with this problem. According to IHS Automotive, the average age of cars on the road in the US is 11.4 years.

How to Upgrade the Technology in a Car

I have found various ways to work around not having up to date technology, but I was blown away last month when I attended TNT Fort Worth and saw all the products the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) brought to show off that enable you to upgrade the tech in older vehicles.
First off everyone should be able to have Blutooth capabilities in their car. It just isn’t fair that older cars do not have this.
Well, it turns out all cars can have it and it’s just a $150 upgrade.
It’s the iSimple TranzIt BLU HF and it installs in any vehicle so you can make calls hands-free and listen to music streaming services or music stored on your phone. Here is a video explaining how it works!

Next up: Getting one of those fun touch screens in your car like you have on your cell phone. The Pioneer AVIC-7100NEX multimedia receiver with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto ($1,200 on  PioneerElectronics.com) brings the familiar controls of your smartphone to your in-dash system.
You can actually go hands-free for calls, ask Siri to check the weather or use Google Maps to avoid traffic.
Not only that, but you can also get a back-up camera. How awesome would it be to have a back-up camera! Here is a video explaining how it works.

If you just want to be able to listen to your music or podcast off your iPhone and do not want to spend much money, there’s a product just for that too.


The iSimple BluJax adds Bluetooth audio to vehicles with an auxiliary audio (1/8-inch jack) input for just $39.99. Just think when you are on the longest road trip of your life you could listen to what you want instead of some pitiful local station. I could have used this last week when I ended up stuck in Salt Lake City and had to drive 739 miles home to Portland, Oregon.

What technology do you wish you had in your old car? If you’re lucky enough to have a new car, what is your favorite tech feature?