flip1There used to be two types of parents – those who were always lamenting that they wished they had taken more video of their children, and those who missed being part of all their children’s milestones because they were always behind the camera. The new era of handheld video recorders has gone a long way in solving both of these dilemmas, and none more recognizably than the Flip Video Cam. By revolutionizing the simplicity in which you can capture video, it makes it easier than ever to preserve all these precious memories forever, even when traveling.

Starting with its pocket or purse sized design, the Flip SlideHD is so easy to carry with you that you actually will. That, combined with its one button ease of use that allows you to literally press and shoot means that anyone can do it easily. Its amazing portability and the fact that you can shoot handheld video without having to watch the action remotely through a viewfinder means that everyone will want to use it, and means a great deal more of those important milestones will be captured forever. Imagine capturing all those adorable or hilarious videos of your family and friends while feeling like part of the action and less like the hired film crew.

flip2Better yet is that the Flip Cam is much less obtrusive than other video cameras, which allows you to interact with your child naturally and not have the whole mood of the room change as soon as the camera comes out. We all know what it’s like when you see your children doing that adorable thing and you run to get your camera ready only to return and find the moment has passed and now your child is much more interested in your new toy. The Flip solves that by being easier to keep with you, thus you are able to quickly grab it to capture video naturally, without always having to ask for a “do over”.

For anyone that has resisted getting a handheld video recorder because they are worried about the quality of the videos they will take, you will be happy to note that they have really come a long way in very short amount of time. They now shoot videos that are not only high quality, they are also in High Definition, which makes them superior in image quality to our flip-out screen recorder – as well as far better quality than the video camera I grew up with that is roughly the size of a small suitcase.

flip3This great image quality of the Slide HD makes it possible to bring your Flip Videos successfully to the big screen. By purchasing an additional HDMI cable, you can simply plug your Flip into your TV’s HDMI input and enjoy them immediately, even on the day they were taken. Even better than watching when you get home is that you can actually watch videos seconds after they were taken with the new Flip SlideHD. By utilizing a screen that slides out and plays your newly shot videos across the length of the Flip, it gives you a much larger screen than other handheld video cameras. This slide out touch screen allows you to immediately watch your footage and even to share with the video subject, a feature that my daughter is absolutely in love with because she loves watching videos of her and her friends.

Now that you’ve carried the Flip with you and captured all this beautiful footage and replayed it over and over on the slide-out screen, the last step is to share the masterpieces you’ve created with loved ones on the other side of town or on the other side of the world. I’m all about ease of use when it comes to electronics, so I love that the Flip Video SlideHD does away with big and bulky tapes that you then have to convert to digital video in order to share it with friends and family.

Since the Flip is all-digital and designed to work directly with computers, it streamlines the downloading process and eliminates the need for converters, special programs, or even cables and cords. You simply plug the built-in USB drive into your computer and download your video simply and easily. Better yet is that the Flip video software is included directly on the recorder, with no need for CDs or internet downloads. The Flip Slide HD also makes it incredibly simple to post video via YouTube, Facebook and more as well as making it easy to share right away with your loved ones.

(here’s a low-light video I shot of all the kidlets at a recent holiday gathering)

The past few years I have spent a lot of time researching handheld video recorders to find the best one for me and have made no secret of the fact that I have lusted over a Flip Video ever since they hit the market. Although it just about killed me to wait and continue to use our big and bulky video camera, I can definitely say that it made me appreciate the ease of use and portability of the Flip cam even more.

Gone are the days of debating whether you want to cart around the video camera only to be stuck behind it all day; now with the Flip you can capture video naturally and enjoy it right away!

Go to http://www.theflip.com/ or click {here} to find the perfect Flip for your next trip!