TravelingToddler2The first time my son rode on an airplane, he was only about 10 weeks old. The second time he flew on an airplane, he had just learned to walk. I quickly realized how much of an inexperienced traveling parent I was when it came time to dash to our connecting flight – which was on the other side of the airport. It almost seemed impossible as we darted towards our terminal with our toddler in one hand, carry on bag in the other, and my son’s backpack, which he was refusing to keep on his shoulders. The next time we flew, we took our little umbrella stroller which worked … kind of. We definitely received some unwelcome glances as we were putting the stroller in the overhead compartment. But hey … we were getting better at this traveling parent thing.

When my second son was born, I vowed from the first moment I found out I was pregnant, that we were not going to make the same mistake. I started researching for strollers, fold-up carts, rentals, etc. And that’s when I found Traveling Toddler. Traveling Toddler was started by parents for parents … obviously, as nobody else could possibly understand what we go through. Why didn’t I think of this nifty little contraption that literally folds up and fits in your pocket?!

The Traveling Toddler strap allows you to attach a toddler’s car seat to a rolling carry-on suitcase, creating a convenient travel stroller perfect for the airport. When you’re done at the airport, simply slip the tether into your purse or pocket, put the booster seat in the car, and you’re ready to start your vacation.



Instructions: Simply attach the LATCH and top tether straps from the car seat to the Traveling Toddler and adjust the straps so that the car seat is held securely on the suitcase. The car seat can be detached and reattached to the suitcase in seconds, when going through security. Lift the handle of your carry-on bag and you have a fun new stroller.

This product is brilliant and I’m still kicking myself for not coming up with the idea first!

There’s no need to buy a special car seat or suitcase either. As long as your suitcase handle locks in place, you can push it like a stroller. Your hands are free for check in and its simple to unhook for security and when boarding the airplane.

When your child is comfortable … you’re comfortable. And if your child is flying for the first time, having their own comfortable car seat that they’re familiar with will hopefully help avoid a tantrum once you’re mid-air.

Traveling with your toddler can seem intimidating. Just getting through the airport, to the airplane can seem like a huge feat especially when you add in your carry-on luggage and your child’s backpack full of his snacks and toys. Now there’s a solution. When we used Traveling Toddler on our most recent flight, our toddler actually threw a tantrum once we arrived at the resort because he wanted us to actually wheel him into the room. If we don’t feel like taking the stroller with us on our trip, we definitely take Traveling Toddler with us. It pretty much ROCKS!TravelingToddler1

Photo Credit: Traveling Toddler, LLC

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