Traveling is always a fun time, but there are aspects of travel that are in need of some tech upgrades. Keeping our devices safe, staying connected, and keeping our devices powered up all need some upgrading. Thanks to the Consumers Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, we got a preview of how those upgrades will turn out. Everything from cases to chargers, have received upgrades from different companies, and these changes are very exciting. As we walked around the showroom floor, I kept an eye out for the best travel tech to come out of CES 2016.

Best of Travel Tech at CES 2016

Ventev Global Charging Hub

Worldly travellers know that not every place in the world has power outlets shaped the same way. That becomes a problem if you don’t have an adapter or converter to fit the outlets. The Ventev Global Charging Hub takes care of that problem. While this is not a converter it is an adapter. Helping you get the power you need when in a different country.

Kristall Liquid Screen Protector

There are products that are meant to protect your screen and many of them work great, but applying them is difficult. Kristall has an amazing way to apply their screen protector to your device. Simply wipe your device’s screen, rub a circle shaped cloth with the solution on it, wait a few minutes and then polish. That’s it. I got to try this on my phone and the day after applying it I felt a huge difference.

Kristal Liquid Screen Protector Travel Tech

Photo Credit: Amy Barseghian / LifeStyle Traveling Mom

Leeo Smart Alert

Having peace of mind while you’re travelling is priceless, just knowing that your home is safe makes any vacation that much easier. Leeo Smart Alert is easy to use and adds peace of mind to any amazing vacation. Simply plug it in and you’re done. The Smart Alert will be able to hear your fire or CO alarm and call you to let you know the alarm is going off. There is even an option to have it dial 911 as well.


Zolt Laptop Charger

LifeActiv Travel Tech

Photo Credit: Amy Barseghian / LifeStyle TravelingMom

We are so used to the idea of a bulky charger, especially for something as big as our laptops. however, when travelling, bigger isn’t always better (unless we’re talking legroom on a plane). When it comes to devices and their accessories, we want smaller and easier to access. Zolt does just that with their Laptop Charger. The charger is 3x smaller and 4x lighter than most laptop chargers available today.

Lifeproof Life Active Series

Travel to some of us means getting out in the wild, riding bikes, river rafting, or maybe just relaxing on the deck of a boat. No matter where your active travel takes you, Lifeproof has you covered with their new LifeActive series. All the accessories in this series are designed to protect in multiple situations. Drop your phone in the lake? Use the LifeActive Life Jacket case. Going for a bike ride? Use the LifeActive easy to use bike mount. From cases to belt clips, Lifeproof has you covered.

SanDisk Connect Wireless Stick Travel Tech

Photo Credit: SanDisk

SanDisk Connect Wireless Stick

SanDisk is hitting the travel bug hard with their new Connect Wireless Stick. When we travel we don’t always have access to the internet but still want to transfer our best travel photos and files. The Connect Wireless Stick allows you to connect multiple devices to your laptop or computer without the need for an internet connection. Share photos and files with friends or coworkers, stream videos to up to three devices, free up space on your phones or tablets and so much more.