skinWhen I travel, I like clothes and products that do more than one thing. I have a pair of slip-on sneakers, so if I am only going to do limited exercise, I can bring these, and use them to go to the pool.

When our kids got old enough not to drop electronics, we stopped brining a portable DVD player and just let them watch movies on our laptops.

And my husband and I often negotiate our book selection, choosing books that the other will read if we finish our books. We could save space with Kindles, but we both still prefer reading paper, not screens.


One of my favorite travel products, Kiehl’s hair conditioner and grooming aid formula 133 can double as both conditioner and product to tame my unruly locks.

New Miracle Skin Transformer SPF 20 is both a moisturizer and a sunblock. Plus it comes in tinted formulas so you can forego foundation. And, the full size is 1.7 fl oz, under the airline-regulated 3.5 ounces.