bubblebumOdds are your family is traveling over the holidays, or you have family traveling to you, and if that family includes a toddler they’ll be bringing a lot of stuff. You know how it is. The little one needs a special place to sleep. They need toys to keep them happy. They need a car seat if they’re flying. They might even need a special car seat for the flight. It all adds up and can take over.

Well, there are new options out there that make it easier than ever to travel with toddlers. Companies have come to recognize that we don’t really want to haul the entire house along when we’re on the road. They’re helping by making lots of gear collapsible, capable of taking up a tenth of the space it’s traditional counterparts used.

For example, the Nest offers a sleeping arrangement for a baby, complete with a special mattress. This video explains it all:


AaroninCARESmrIf you are flying, you may want a special seat belt for your toddler. The CARES system is FAA approved and super simple to use. It also folds up small enough to go into most purses.

If you’ll need a booster seat once you arrive, the Bubble Bumis an easy option. It’s inflatable but also uses a material similar to memory foam to help with protection. Again, it’s safe and is small enough to go into any suitcase.

If you have a toddler and a little one and have lots of walking to do, the Mountain Buggy Free Rider is a fun solution. It turns a stroller board into a scooter. It attaches to the back of the stroller and the older child can ride like that, or take it off the stroller and use it as a scooter on its own.

When you park that stroller to go on a ride (at an amusement park) or a store in a mall you may want to try the Buggyguard lock to keep the stroller safe.

When you’re dining out, you may want to bring along the Neatnik Saucer. It’s great for catching all the crumbs and food that toddlers like to toss. It’s also a surface that you know is clean for them to eat from. It folds up flat and can fit in the diaper bag.

neatnikAnd if you don’t want them in the big wooden high chairs, you can bring your own booster seat for dining with the Portable Booster Seat. Its padded bottom makes it more comfortable than other seats and simply attaches to a regular chair. Again, it folds up into a small bag that you can fit under the seat of your car in most cases.

If you have a child in the car who is easily bored at dinner or on trips, bring along some of the Peaceable Kingdom stickers and magic wipeable board. The stickers are reusable and the board can keep them coloring for hours.

GIVEAWAY! We are also giving one of these Bubble Bum inflatable car seats away! Just leave a comment below letting us know where you’re headed for the holidays and what you look forward to the most. You have until midnight EST on December 18th to comment. A winner will be drawn at random on the 19th.