Translation SoftwareEver been traveling in a foreign country and meet someone who seems really cool, but you can’t communicate because you don’t speak each others’ languages? That barrier is dissolving. And the future solutions will only become more elegant. I’ve spoken of my love for my Android phone, but now I feel like Natalie Portman: I’m indescribably happy. Well, actually, I can describe it.

I’ve found translation software. Software that allows you to talk into your phone, push two buttons and have it spit out the translated sentence into decent sounding French. And Spanish. And Vietnamese — although I don’t know how decent sounding the Vietnamese is because I don’t speak it. But based on the other two, I would be hopeful. I think I need to go back to Vietnam to make sure.

This app developer has the same app in Italian, Hindi, Indonesian and many more. User reviews are all around 4 stars and some even higher. For some reason, they are not available on the iPhone, although there are plenty of iPhone translation apps, naturally.

No longer will you have to resort to smiles and hand gestures to communicate. Now, you can phone it in and be there, all at the same time.

Get ready to make new friends on your next trip!