I don’t think I need to tell you about how important taking a toothbrush with you is. However not everyone thinks about toothbrush holders, so let’s talk about them.

I think these are extremely important, not just as travel accessories but for every day use. They give me the sensation that our toothbrushes are protected from anything that could make them dirty.

Looking for something that I could use around the house and during a trip to keep our toothbrushes away from dirt I found a few products that I wanted to try. I got them and these two stood out:


1. Flipper I got these for my boys. They come in a lot of different animal designs for kids. They are extremely easy to use. They can be attached to the wall or mirror, and to get your toothbrush out if it you only need to do a bit of pressure and the belly of the animal opens up. My boys were pretty excited so, when I first got it they helped to place them at a height that would work for them.

Flippit2. FlippitThese are pretty similar to the previous ones. The design isn’t as fun for the kids but it is still quite useful. They can be attached to the wall or mirror and can be moved around. There is a small lid that can be easily opened with a move of the brush. This is the one that I got for myself. They are great for traveling!

Another important item to keep around the house is a toothbrush sanitizer. Toothbrush holders can keep them from rolling on the floor and from curious pets but they don’t avoid bacteria growing on them.

A lot of times I have taken a look at our brushes and gotten so disgusted that I feel the need to throw them away. But then I remembered. I just bought them! This used to get me really frustrated! So I began searching again, this time for a sanitizer. And that’s how I found these two:

Verilux1. Verilux Toothbrush SanitizerThis works both as holder and sanitizer. It uses a UV light to get rid of the germs.

VIOlight2. Violife Travel UV SanitizerThis product also uses UV light to clean your toothbrush. But this one has a much sleeker design.

Since there are four of us in my family I thought it’d be a good idea to get them both. What I like to do is to rotate them, two at a time. And when they are not in the sanitizer, they are hung in their holders.

Doing these I have been able to prolong the life of our toothbrushes while I protect our health.