selfheatingbottle-200x122There have been a handful times in my mother-hood that I discovered a product so thoughtful, so handy, so hip that I wanted to track down the inventor and give them a big ol’ kiss on the mouth.  This is one of those times.

I give you the self-heating bottle by Iiamo.

I can’t tell you the ways that this gorgeous little invention is going to revolutionize my life as a Traveling Mom.  Just imagine all the gas station microwaves I’ll no longer have to utilize!  All the harried airplane stewards that will no longer have to bring me cups of hot water!  All the colicky carride cries I’ll be able to quell at a moment’s notice! 

And I’ll look cool doing it, too.


It’s got all the whistles and bells savvy mamas would expect  – BPA, PVC, lead and phthalates free with an organic heating cartridge.  Milk warms to body temperature in 4 minutes flat in a disposable insert.  Fits most plastic nipples.

Pucker up, Iiamo, because with a product like this, mama’s all over are gonna be sending their gratitude!