RedBottlesBack to school shopping isn’t just backpacks and book covers. If you’ve been spending your time hunting for a special superhero lunchbox and need a little retail therapy, check these products out:

Slathering sunscreen on your kids is important, but neglecting your own skin is irresponsible. Get easy protection with BloqUV shirts. The moisture wicking shirts provide an UPF of 50, so they are perfect for running, playing tennis, or just taking the kids to the playground. You can avoid sun spots with the elongated sleeves, which loop over your thumb and protect the backs of your hands. The shirts also have pockets for keys, a phone or an iPod. For men and women.

Scent Sense
If you travel without your favorite perfume because you can’t figure out who to bring it along, Travalo is for your. These tiny TSA approved atomizers can be filled with perfume and easily toted along. Each atomizer holds up to 65 sprays, keeping you smelling pretty while you travel.

In Your Eyes
sunblockWhether your kid is a colicky infant, preschooler with nightmares, or teen with a newly acquired driver’s license, he probably disrupts your sleep. You can mitigate the effects of too little rest with Miracle Skin Transformer Treat & Conceal. This eye cream and concealer diminishes dark circles while reducing puffiness. The gentle cream, combining white rose and chamomile extracts, soothes while it moisturizes. It has no parabens, oil or fragrance, so it is non-irritating. So burn the midnight oil, awake at dawn, and still look your best.

Sock it to Me
You might get a better understanding of how your toddler feels when she tries to wear gloves with Injinji performance toesocks. These socks, with a separate space for each toe, keep toes drier and reduce friction. Expect few blisters in these socks, which can be used for exercise, or just running after your kids.