Thule jogging stroller review

Photo credit: Karin Sheets/ Special Needs TravelingMom

My family really enjoys outdoor adventure, so I was excited for the chance to test drive the Thule Chariot CX1 uber versatile stroller.  An upcoming ski vacation was the perfect opportunity.  Thanks to Craig’s List we found the cross-county ski kit and added that to our over-packed Suburban on the way to the mountains.

Cross-country skiing with the Thule Chariot CX1 was everything I had hoped.  My daughter was warm and enjoyed the ride, and the stable design meant that even this newbie cross-country skier felt comfortable towing her.

In fact, we ended up using the Thule Chariot CX1 for more than cross-country skiing.  Getting Thule Chariot CX1 jogging stroller reviewaround in the snow with a stroller or wheelchair is really challenging.  By using the wheel on the front and skis on the back, we could take my daughter everywhere.  I saw other parents looking on with envy as they struggled to push strollers through snow and slush.

Since our ski vacation we’ve found more ways to use the Thule, taking it out jogging, for walks and short hikes.  In every case it performed really well – I can’t wait to take my daughter on bike rides and longer hikes this summer.  I can see that this jogging stroller/bike trailer/ski trailer will allow us to get out and do more.

Thule jogging stroller review

Happiness. Photo credit: Karin Sheets/ Special Needs TravelingMom

Thule Chariot CX1 Jogging Stroller Review

Quality My first impression was with the quality of construction.  This thing is built to last.  Heavy-duty fabric with reinforced stitching, a solid frame and well-fitting accessories is just the beginning. The Thule Chariot CX1 is something families can buy for their oldest child and pass it down.

Design – Thule thought about everything!  There’s a suspension adjustment for a more comfortable ride for your child based on their weight.  Several areas for storage are located inside and out. There’s a rain shield for inclement weather or to keep the wind out, and side vents for airflow.

Versatility –  It’s the ultimate transformer, what can’t you do with this ride?  Jog, hike, cross-country ski, bike.  Seriously, this one solution covers a lot of activities. AND it’s easy to make the switch.  We went from a jogger to a cross-country skier in just a couple of minutes.

Safety – A 5-point harness keeps your child safely in place. Disk brakes allow for better control.  There’s even an integrated helmet space.  The stroller always felt stable.

Comfort – My husband described the Thule Chariot CX1 as our daughter’s playhouse, I think it was more like her palace.  She was comfortable and cozy, with toys and a snack in easy reach.  She was happy, so we were able to do more.

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