micraliteWith the birth of our third child, my husband and I were officially outnumbered.  Not only that, but they were all teeny Tinys, ages 4 and under!  Right from the start I worried that getting around with that many little ones might be more trouble that it’s worth.  Several harrowing trips to the grocery store did not help to calm my fears!  I wondered whether this reflected badly on my rookie parenting, boisterous children, the universe’s sense of humor, or all three.  I didn’t know it at the time, but all I was missing were the right tools.

There are three factors that I always consider when it comes to baby gear:  Ease of use, portability and durability.  And the more you travel with Tinys, the more important these qualities become!  If your stroller is going to go on plane rides, train rides, boat rides, roadtrips, picnics, beach walks, mountain trails (and all of this through all kinds of weather!) – you want nothing but the best.

I had no idea what I was missing until the Micralite Toro arrived on my doorstep (courtesy of Scandinavian Child), just in time for our Cali roadtrip.  Before we even put it to use, we knew we were in for a treat as my husband folded it up with one hand and fit it snuggly into our packed-out trunk.  From there the Toro was our constant companion: Disneyland, The California Living Museum, Legoland, and all the in-betweens, where it maneuvered beautifully through thick crowds.  Both my 2 yr. old and 3 yr. old were extremely comfortable in the cushioned seat – so much so that Merrick took his daily naps in it when we were on the go!  Because it fully reclines, he contentedly dozed off and the pneumatic rear-wheel tires kept bumps from jostling him awake.  My husband (who’s always stuck loading/unloading our baby gear) was very impressed with how lightweight yet sturdy the aluminum frame is.  We even took the Toro with us to Malibu beach, where the all-terrain-kit made strolling in the sand a breeze!



But my all-time-super-fave-oh-my-gosh-I-adore-this-stroller feature of the Micralite Toro is the one-handed steering.  This function alone won my Traveling Mom heart because it gave me the ability to multi-task: cary luggage, use my cell, or rummage around in the diaper bag – all while effortlessly managing my stroller!  It responded so well to the slightest guidance that I could even hold my oldest child’s hand and stroll Gabby along at the same time, plus carry the baby on my back.  Just let them try to outnumber me!

And speaking of baby packs, a carrier is another must-have when traveling with Tinys.  My husband and I didn’t want to drag along our cumbersome double-stroller, but knew we’d need a way to manage our two youngest when their little legs gave out on long days.  The Kokopax Classic Carrier was an excellent solution for us!


DisneylandkokopaxHow sexy does Brett look with little Mer along for the ride?  This pack was invaluable at Disneyland, where our two-year-old happily tolerated lengthy lines on Daddy’s back, playing with the attached toyring.  Amazingly, Brett happily tolerated all 30 lbs. of Merrick because the Kokopax is designed with padded shoulder and waist support.  And a 5 pt. harness kept my little guy securely in place, even when he fell asleep! 

Like the Toro, the Kokopax rocks a super-light-weight aluminum frame that made it easy to bring along just about anywhere.  And slipping our little ones in and out was much easier than a front pack, thanks to the handy kickstand feature.  While I wished it was able to fold-up so we could slip it under our stroller when not in use, the slight bulkiness was well worth the trade-offs.  This carrier is “the” gear for savvy young-family travel.  

I was also very grateful to have a do-it-all diaper bag by my side at all times.  Talk about durability – the uber-hip Dante Beatrix Eco Stroller Tote (courtesy of Dimples Shop) got put to the test through 1900 miles of roadtripping, 2 theme parks, 3 beaches, an island boat tour, a zoo and countless gas station bathrooms – and came through with flying colors! 


A whopping 7 pockets for organized travel storage made it super easy to keep track of all our daily needs while out and about on. My fave were the cinching side-pouches, which prevented those dreaded sippy-cup leaks.  And the stroller clips gave it ultimate portability!


All in all, I’m pleased to report that our first major gettaway with Three Tinys in tow was a huge success, largely thanks to great gear that helped us go the distance.  I  highly recommend Micralite, Kokopax and Dante Beatrix to adventurous parents who want to jetset in ease and style with their little ones!