Maclaren_Easy_TravelerEvery traveling mom with a baby needs the perfect traveling stroller. There is nothing worse than attempting to dash through an airport with a stroller that won’t steer straight, loses a wheel, or has the one wheel that won’t go in the same direction as the rest.

A great stroller is easy to set up and put down, thin enough to fit in your trunk on top of all of your luggage and durable enough to go from beach to city to theme park. 

When my son, now 6, was a baby we were the Goldilocks of the stroller world. The first one we tried was too big–I could barely lug it down the steps, it took up half the storage space in our tiny kitchen, and folks jumped off the sidewalks in fear as I rumbled their way.

The second one was too small–the cheap umbrella stroller option lasted just a week. Its tiny wheels kept catching in sidewalk cracks and my son figured out how to tip the entire thing over while strapped in.

Finally, on the third try my mother stepped in and bought us a Maclaren (Fair warning: For a company that makes such awesome strollers the website is difficult to navigate.). I had seen them around Boston all the time and had written them off as “an expensive umbrella stroller.” Boy was I wrong! We got the Triumph and immediately life as a city parent became a bit easier. I could open and close the stroller with one hand! I was able to fold and carry the stroller myself! I had reclaimed storage space!

baby_in_strollerBest Travel Stroller

Fast forward six years and we’ve moved from the hustle and bustle of Boston to a 10-cre plot in a sleepy Vermont village and there’s another baby. Knowing that her brother’s Maclaren hand-me-down wouldn’t be suitable until toddler-hood, we started the search anew.
Enter the Maclaren Easy Traveler (available through many outlets but I’m linking to one of my favorite kid stores Magic Beans).

It was love at first sight. Baby Y’s car seat would fit right on top of it. It had a huge basket underneath to hold the diaper bag and then some. It weighed 8 pounds and I could sling it across my back to carry it with the strap. Basically, it was perfect for our travel lifestyle.

Six months and more than 16,000 flight miles later, we still love it. The frame accomodates numerous different brands of car seats. Keep in mind that after you put the car seat notches over the frame you clip a strap over the car seat to hold it on. There is no locked on mechanism. So car seats with a buckle-in strap option work best because they are easier to strap in. We have a Peg Perego and it works perfectly.

This stroller is not great for “off-roading” with baby. On a financial note the Easy Traveler runs around $80. Since you are going to have to buy an infant car seat anyway this is a great price compared to some of the travel system monstrosities that can run you $300. 

Stroller Insurance and Accessories
If you choose to purchase a Maclaren be sure to go online to register your purchase within 45 days to make sure you will have the Lifetime Warranty. This warranty covers manufacturer defects, not normal wear and tear.

Another good purchase if you are going to be traveling with your little one frequently is the Maclaren travel bag for the stroller. This comes in particularly handy when gate checking. Airlines are more likely to reimburse if damage occurred to a contained stroller. Otherwise the part that is damaged is likely to be written off as protruding which will get you a “Sorry, not our problem.”

Best of luck with your traveling stroller (and baby)!

Note: These opinions are my own. I did not receive compensation from Maclaren or Magic Beans. However, I love them both and think you should patronize them. What can I say? I’m a loyal gal.