passport-coverWhile checking in at the airport, I have come close to having a heart attack at least 4 times. Why? Well, our passports are navy blue and my bag is blue and black, thus causing when I try and locate our passports to either check-in or hand to the attendant. There was a time that I spent 15 minutes searching for those darn passports and I was 90% convinced I had lost them before finally spotting the darn IDs in the bag’s hidden pocket.

Anyhow, about a year ago I wrote a post, rounding up 5 passport covers for kids. The round-up came about naturally as I searched high and low for colorful covers that would both protect our passports from sticky fingers and cover them in a bright case making them easy to spot. I decided to go with the “Simple Cute Passport Cover Protect ID Case” from (of all places) eBay!

At $5.99 each, these are a steal! Not only are they affordable, but they are very well constructed and easy to spot. I purchased the two pink cases for my girls over a year ago, and just recently picked up the blue for my son. The little planes are cute for kids and they look smart to boot!

If you are looking for a great passport cover for your kids, I highly recommend these cases! After a year of constant travel, they still look as good as new.