babystar-150x150Before I became a mother, I had no idea how much of my life would revolve around a diaper bag.  Now, as Travelingwithtinys Mom, it is the most important “baby gear” I own.  And I’m openly picky on this topic, because I’ve no time for messing about when I’m out with my 3 little ones. 

I need a bag that can:

  • Travel well, because motherhood has not dampened my wanderlust.   It needs to stand up to the beaches of Cali, the nature paths in the Rocky Mountains and the subway stations of NYC.  That means easy carriage, easy storage, and easy cleaning.
  • Hold EVERYTHING – 3 sippy cups, toys, cell phone, snacks, sunglasses, wipes, wallet, band-aids, business cards, camera and sunblock. 
  • Oraganize EVERYTHING –  All that junk?  It’s got to be in pockets and pouches I can easily access because rumaging is not my strong suit.
  • Take a bit of a beating (kids are tough on their stuff, and honestly, so am I)

Oh, and while I’m asking for the sky?  Let’s throw in my preference for a bag that doesn’t make motherhood look like a drag.  Something stylish and mod – something that says “sure, there might be bum rash cream in here.  But it’s COOL to carry bum rash cream.”  Something that could just as easily be full of art portfolios, business proposals, diamonds.  I’ve been hunting for this bag, needing this bag – dreaming of this bag.  And now, I think I’ve found it!

Meet “Rock The Tote”, by Baby Star.  On the inside, a bright bubbly pattern with pockets galore (some zippered for safe-keeping, some open for quick grabs).  On the outside?  GLAM.


Or at least, it makes me feel glam, which is more than I can say for any of the plastic fall-aparts I’ve had in the past.  I love the sleek design and the funky metallic facade is oh-so pretty, but don’t be fooled.  This bag is uber-practical too.  It’s gone with us everywhere this summer: swimming lessons, family reunions, amusement parks, weekends at the cabin and several road trips!  In fact, I especially love having it along when we travel because it’s a handy family bag during the day, and a hip tote for a romantic evening out.  I even took it to a recent women’s conference I attended because my laptop fit perfectly inside.  Love it!


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