Photo courtesy of ecoATM

Photo courtesy of ecoATM

When traveling, everywhere you turn there’s a kiosk to ease the stress of travel. Airport kiosks allow you to check in for your flight and buy everything from to-go salads to headphones to duty-free alcohol. Car rental company kiosks speed the process of securing your rental car. Hotel kiosks facilitate check-in. These are all great ways to save time, but there’s another kind of kiosk that does even more: ecoATM kiosks actually save the environment.

With a tagline of Meet the Giving Green Machine.™, ecoATM is the world’s first automated eWaste recycling station created for responsible recycling of cell phones, MP3 players and tablets.


Traveling Moms want all the best bells and whistles when traveling, and those tools include their electronic toys. Unfortunately, trading in old devices for new ones isn’t always feasible.

Enter in ecoATM kiosks, located around the country, accepting AND paying cash to recycle your phone or other electronic devices. Eco-conscious travelers will feel good about helping to solve the eWaste problems of our planet.

Here is a video explaining how the ecoATM kiosk works:

The kiosks are easy to use with a touchscreen to walk you through the process. You do have to be 18 years or older and have a valid driver’s license.  Unfortunately, not all electronics have a cash value, but ecoATM sill donates to a charity for the older electronic equipment. Check the website for a list of items ecoATM accepts and their estimated values.

Steadicam Curve

It’s a whole new world with the ability to shoot video from your cell phone, digital camera, or GoPro.  But even with the Steadicam-Curve1-682x1024amazing available tools, simply having the tool doesn’t make every traveler a professional videographer. If you’re one of those without a steady hand, say hello to Steadicam Curve and say goodbye to shaky videos.

Tripods are often too bulky to carry, but the Steadicam Curve is small and portable.  This handy little device is made by Tiffen, and attaches to your cell phone or GoPro.  The Steadicam Curve is an ultra lightweight stablizers that puts the steady.

Need to see it for yourself? Watch the video below: