apple-ipad-tablet-pcWhy is everyone so amped up about tablets? What exactly is one to do with a tablet that they’re not doing already? Here’s the short version:

Notebooks were about bringing the utility of a computer to a portable device. Tablets are about bringing the utility if the internet to our “on the go” lifestyles. Tablets will facilitate everything from interactive children’s books to next generation newspapers. The idea is that a tablet takes the portability of a smartphone and enhances the viewing capabilities. Combine this with high speed wireless everywhere and a heavy (iPhone) app culture and you get a “game changing” device.

Of course they will be expensive in their first generation ($250-$1000) depending on the features, but within 24 months they will be free with data contracts — similar to cell phones. This new hardware platform will have a huge influence on the publishing, education, entertainment and gaming industries.

Some really smart people have a lot to say about the iPad, here, here, here and here. Well, the last one is clever rather than smart.

I’m giving you Cliffs’ Notes! Take advantage! (Seem knowledgeable.) Watch a short video example.