nbcam_25yrs_web_logoOctober is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month and many companies out there run special offers that allow you to support research while purchasing one of their products. We are halfway through and for the last half of the month I’d like to feature pink products that support breast cancer while benefiting the traveling mom.

Today I’d like to bring your attention to a great offer that Delta is running through October 31st. As a mom who travels for both business (alone) and for pleasure (with family), I cannot say enough great things about membership to airline clubs. Club membership allows you to wait in the comfort of an airlines club room rather than in the general gate area. While on business I appreciate the relative quiet, the wifi, and the opportunity to get work done. When with family, the free soft drinks, snacks and tv are appreciated. Club membership is a worthwhile investment if you travel frequently. At a cost of $450 annually (or 70,000 miles) it becomes $37.50 per month. Currently, Delta will donate 10% of the fee (rougly $45 for a general membership) to The Breast Cancer Research Foundation and give you one month free, a great deal for the business traveling mom. Delta has been partnering with the BCRF since 2005 and has donated over $2.5 million.

Some perks of membership include:
– the ability to bring your family into the lounge with you
– the ability to bring in two guests if you are traveling without the family
– business center access
– snacks, beverages, and in some locations a bar
– magazines and newspapers
– tvs
– free wi-fi
– a free Regus Gold membership
– personalized flight assistance (imagine a storm delaying multiple flights while traveling with two cranky toddlers- if you’re in the gate it can be hell, in the club the ratio of cranky passengers to employees is lower resulting in a quicker solution)
– some locations have printers, meeting room access, cafes, or showers
(a great membership cheat sheet is located here)

Help yourself, help breast cancer research, and preserve your sanity in one swoop! If club membership isn’t in the cards for you and you plan on flying Delta in October check out the flight attendants pink uniforms or purchase some pink lemonade or pink jellybeans with all proceeds going to the BCRF. And if the closest you will get to Delta’s pink plane is virtual then check out their virtual lemonade stand on Facebook and think pink in October.


(I should note that I am NOT affiliated with Delta. I just like it when companies do nice things.)