omniheatI recently heard that there is no bad weather, just bad clothing. So maybe if I dressed in a full length fur or down coat, with a huge hat and mittens, I could stay warm in winter. But instead, I dress inappropriately, freeze and complain. You know how you see someone when it’s around 45 degrees, bundled in a parka and you think she looks ridiculous? That should be me, but instead I shiver in a leather jacket and wait for even colder weather to break out the heavy coats.

But Columbia Sportswear has a new way to insulate against the cold. The Omni-Heat uses thermal technology to keep you warm and prevent heat loss.  The shiny silver lining in its new coats, hats and gloves reflects body warmth and is breathable so you don’t overheat.

There are even Omni-Heat coats for kids, so they can stay warm without a bulky “uncool” coat.

You can keep your neck warm with an inexpensive V Fraas scarf, in a material called cashmink. The acrylic scarf feels like cashmere, but at about a quarter of the price, so you won’t flip out if you leave it on the bus.


My favorite product, one that I am eager to buy and try out on a freezing day, is the Omni-Heat boot. I have perennially cold feet, but I love to go out on cold winter days, sledding with my kids or hiking in the park. These boots, for men, women and kids, may actually keep my feet warm.  I’m crossing my cold fingers.