Dark paper with colors under the top layer. Scratch off the top layer with a special pen to reveal a variety of colors. Many Scratch Magic kits come with stencils. Scratch Magic comes in different themed kits, such as Bugs & Critters Stickers and combo four-packs that include pictures, greeting cards, "stained glass" suncatchers and glittering paper jewelry.

Sold in retail outlets such as Toys ‘R’ Us.

I thought I had it made: The airline we chose offers TVs on every seatback. I didn’t have to pack DVD players or DVDs. I love not having to pack more stuff! In addition to movies, the seatback TVs offered games that could be played individually or against other passengers on the plane. Fun! Movies and games are $5 and earphones are free. My 9- and 7-year-olds had a great time. My 5-year-old did not. The earphones provided were too big for his ears and kept falling out. Lesson learned: Bring your own child-size earphones! The ones we like best cover the entire ear as opposed to fitting inside the ear. Note also that the seatback games are enticing but are generally geared for older kids. My 11-year-old figured them all out, but my 7 year old (who plays games at home) struggled. He had a rough flight!

I always pack gum, lollipops and a PB&J for each of the kids when we travel. The gum and lollipops are for their ears. The chewing and sucking action helps to keep their ears from getting too clogged with pressure. The PB&J is for layovers or if the plane food is inedible (likely) or unavailable. The kids like to be independent and pack the food in their own backpacks.


Include a variety of sizes of Band-aids and wipes. In case of emergency, can also be used as stickers or for stuffed animal repairs.



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