cinemin1.jpgGreat travel gadgets can make traveling easier, even the stressful travel of the holiday season. TravelingMom asked Travel & Leisure Magazine Assistant Editor Stirling Kelso to help us choose some “must-have” travel products that would make great gifts this holiday season. These products range in price from less than $50 to more than $300. Some can help save money while others are super splurges.

Her first pick? The Travelon luggage scale for about $24. Sure, you can use your home scale to weigh your bags before you hit the airport, but we all know it’s during the trip when we pick up souvenirs to bring home, adding pounds to our bags. This little scale will help ensure your suitcases on your return trip are less than the airport maximum.

travelonscale.jpgKelso also loves the SwissGear Target rolling bag for about $79.  She says not only can it be carried over the shoulder OR rolled, it’s also super durable, made by the manufacturers of the Swiss Army knife and comes with a 10-year warranty. 

If you’re the kind of person who can’t take sitting next to a talker on your flight, you may want to try out the new, high tech Klipsch Image earphones. "They really improve the hearing experience both tonally and dynamically," Kelso says. "They also have ear buds that shape your ears so they fit right in there blocking out any external noise." They’re about $100.


Then there’s the Sony Reader for $200.  It may sound expensive, but Kelso claims it’s still a good deal because, "It stores 350 books and has a two week battery span.  It’s also light-weight and it also has a partnership with Google so you can get over a million free ebooks."

sonyreader.pngAnd the item that may be THE "talk about" travel gadget this year: the Cinemin Swivel. It’s a pocket projector that runs about $350 and is available at, Brookstone stores, and  It allows you to project a movie or photos on any surface, including a ceiling. It has a 90 degree hinge and is sure to thrill when you pull out your pictures from throughout the year to share with your family and friends that you only see over the holidays.

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