The Sony VAIO T Ultrabook is slightly larger than the VAIO mini and smaller than the Macbook.  Its magnesium and aluminum frame weighs about the same as the mini VAIO but is noticeably lighter than the Macbook. These are important features for our family of 5 who are all heavy computer users and require wifi wherever we go.  And we are on the go a lot.

It hasn’t been easy to find a lightweight durable laptop with the power and technology we are used to in our home-based computers.  The VAIO T has a 13.3” display, ultra low voltage Intel Core processor and comes with an optional Solid State Drive or Hybrid drive.

One of the best features on the VAIO T series, in addition to its weight is the built-in SD card reader.  I am able to load photos from my Sony HD without having to carry an additional card reader or cable.  That save me time and keeps things light.

E-readers just make sense for travel.  With all of the weight restrictions and charges, no one wants to pay extra fees to haul a suitcase full of books on trips.  The Sony E-reader PRS-T2 is 6” and offers touch screen technology, 2 months battery life and 2GB storage. It includes new Facebook and Evernote features that allow users to highlight short passages and post them to Facebook. With Evernote, users can save favorite web content onto their PC or Mac and read an optimized version of it on the Reader later.

The Sony E-Reader has the critically acclaimed library-lending feature that gives valid card carriers the ability to borrow free e-books wirelessly from over 15,000 public libraries in the US.

For me, a novice E-reader user, the Sony E-reader PRS-T2 worked fine.  For my teen daughter and son who have experience with the Kindle Fire, they were not as impressed.  They said that the screen was easy on the eyes, and they liked the Facebook and Evernote features.  However, even though there is a Public Library app included on the E-reader where you can get free eBooks, the kids said that the books they wanted to read were not there and when they shopped the store, the books were too expensive. The biggest complaint was that the technology is complicated and not intuitive.

The Sony eReaderPRS-T2 retails for around $129.