sony-exmoreThe Sony Cybershot TX20 has been added to my teen daughter’s collection of cool gadgets to have – at all times.  In other words, I haven’t seen it since shortly after I got it. This is saying something for a girl who relies on her iPhone to do everything for her, including take great pictures. 
The features that the TX20 offers give photographers the opportunity to use depth of focus with a touch of a button, smooth out fine lines with a touch of a button and capture consecutive shots easily.

The learning curve took me about 30 minutes.  Once I learned how the features are grouped on the camera, finding them was easy.  Using them is easier – literally touch of a button.  The kicker is that in addition to being able to make artsy pictures, it is waterproof.

Waiting for the flat tummy feature.


I am a volunteer member of Sony Moms, a group of bloggers who try out and provide feedback to Sony on a variety of products.  I am not paid to review the products (most of which I have to return).  My loyalty is to the moms who don’t have time to sift thru the multitude of electronics products.