Let’s face it, for some kids (and even adults), math just isn’t their thing. We struggle with it, we dread it in school and yet we know we have to take the classes in order to pass. In my second grade class, the teacher hung a mountain on the wall with little rock climbers, which represented us. The mountain was divided into times tables sections, and as you learned a table, your mountain climber climbed up. Well, mine stayed at the bottom, for a long time, and I remember how much that impacted my willingness to learn math from then on.  Perhaps ProductReviewif I was given supplemental tasks, such as the SlateMath app, instead endless paper and pencil drills, I would have learned a little better.

The SlateMath app is geared to correlate with the U.S. Common Core Standards, however, the app is suitable for any child, anywhere, to practice and learn essential skills and concepts such as counting, addition, patterns, problem solving and more.  SlateMath has also brilliantly developed the app for the iPad, and offers some differentiation for all types of learners, such as listening to instructions if unable to read or following simple picture prompts. With an extensive library of activities for each category, your child is sure to stay engaged and enjoy the learning experience. Many of my own students thought they were just playing, forgetting that they were actually learning and developing their math skills.

slate-mathAs an International teacher and traveller, the thing that grabbed me first was the worldwide background SlateMath offers children. As your child plays the games found in SlateMath, he or she will be taken around the world, seeing different landmarks within each region. This fit in so nicely with our units we have been studying, such as Taking A Trip and Celebrations Around the World.  Not only that, the app itself is available in many International App Stores and in various languages.  Imagine being with your little one on a trip, and having he or she get excited because they are seeing something familiar from their travels while practicing math! Of course I saw the value in the app from many perspectives…parent, teacher and traveller. Ahadnd best yet, it’s free!


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SlateMath provided Middle East Traveling Mom, Heather Bernard a code for a free app for the purpose of reviewing as a travel product.