I love taking photos all the time, especially of my family and our travels together.  Given that I take as many photos every day as most people take during their vacations, I want a camera that takes great pictures no matter what the setting.  It also must be compact so it’s in my purse – always!  Based on the photo quality and features of the Panasonic ZS60, this camera makes a great addition to your handbag to capture all of your family’s photo memories!

Capturing animals on Disney's Kilimanjaro Safari ride with Panasonic SZ60

Capturing the animals on Disney’s Animal Kingdom Kilimanjaro Safari with Panasonic SZ60 – Heather Lee – 7 Continents TravelingMom

I have always loved photography, something I learned from my father and have been sharing with my children – my five year old just got his first camera.  I take photos of everything – from scenery and wildlife to my children and family events, and even receipts!  As photography is my hobby and I take so many pictures, I need a camera that can capture images accurately but is also small enough to easily carry around.  After testing the new Panasonic ZS60 camera in numerous situations, I would recommend this camera to families looking to capture all their action and fun together!

In particular, this Panasonic SZ60 camera stands out for six reasons:

4K Technology

This small consumer camera shoots 4K video at 30 frames per second, a feature that is normally reserved for professional cameras.  In addition, it has a 4K ‘photo’ mode that lets you shoot 4K video and then freeze any one frame and turn it into a photo.  I love using the touch screen to scroll through the frames and choose the perfect shot!


Post Focus with Panasonic

Panasonic is the only camera company I found that offers both 4K photo mode and post focus in a point-and-shoot camera.  The post focus feature gives you the ability to modify the photo’s focus after you’ve taken them, so no more blurry birthday or Christmas pictures!  By setting the camera to Post Focus, the 4K movie recording function will record the 30 frames per second, but during the recording, the camera’s autofocusing system actually scans the whole frame, moving from the foreground to the background to cover the entire scene.  Afterwards, you can select a point of focus from all the various shots that were taken and choose the one where your little ones are looking at the camera and their eyes aren’t blurry or blinking – how cool is that!

Panasonic SZ60's Post Focus Mode in Action - photo from Panasonic

Panasonic SZ60’s Post Focus Mode in Action – photo from Panasonic

30x Zoom

All of my cameras have some level of zoom, but 30x optical zoom on a relatively small camera is quite impressive.  I particularly love the speed at which I can zoom in and out of a picture and how well the image remains in focus.  When I video and zoom on my other point-and-shoot cameras, I can hear the noise of the zoom mechanism on the resulting video, but here it is quiet so there’s no interruption to the audio.  I can see and hear what actually happened with no background noise.  We experimented using the zoom to full capacity on the Kilimanjaro Safari ride at Disney’s Animal Kingdom and were able to capture lots of details on the various animals that we encountered on the savannah!

Enjoying elephants up close and personal at Disney's Animal Kingdom using Panasonic SZ60

Enjoying elephants up close and personal at Disney’s Animal Kingdom using Panasonic SZ60 – Heather Lee – 7 Continents TravelingMom


Everyone loves having a LCD screen on the back of a camera as it’s much larger and easier to view the subject of your photo.  However, in bright sunlight, it’s great to have the option of using an eye-level viewfinder, making it easier to see the image as well as save some of the camera battery.  I also found that, when my little ones used the camera, they liked the regular viewfinder feature, as they like the feel of holding the camera next to their eye to take the photo.

Built-in Wi-Fi

I also love the built-in Wi-Fi feature on this Panasonic ZS60 camera.  It was a breeze to upload photos to my smartphone and then share them with family and friends, or post them on social media sites, especially Instagram where great photos are appreciated.  As these images were much more crisp and colorful than what my Android phone can take, friends and family can feel like they are right there with us, sharing our family’s special activities.

Level Shot Function

In addition to everything above, our family also loved the stabilization feature.  While most cameras offer stabilization already, the Panasonic ZS60 camera includes a level shot function which will automatically detect and correct the angle of your photos, even when taking them on a bumpy safari jeep ride.  It also helps correct the tilt in photos taken by our little five year old son who loves to copy his mommy by taking pictures but doesn’t always hold the camera steady enough.

Six Reasons to Buy The Panasonic SZ60 - Pin - final

The 18 megapixel Panasonic ZS60 includes many useful features not listed above, including the ability to take great low light and night shots which came in handy when enjoying a sneak peek at Disney’s Animal Kingdom’s new Rivers of Light show.  The camera itself is easy to use, even with its abundance of features.  So switch from your smartphone to this camera for your entire photo needs and enjoy using it to capture your family’s special memories as much as we have!