ViewLocation2Vegetarians tend to eat a high fiber diet, which means they need frequent bathrooms. And with 3 weak-bladdered daughters, my vegetarian family is in constant need of a clean public restroom.

So the app SitOrSquat is tailor made for us. This free restroom finder app offers user-generated content for iPhones and Android phones. Over 119,000 restrooms across the United States are rated; if they are clean, you can sit, if not, squat.

Home-InstructionsBut the app has much more information. You can filter the choices, looking for restrooms with changing tables, tampon machines and handicapped access. There is also a Spanish language version of the app.

The need for a clean public restroom, pronto, starts when you are pregnant. Then you have the baby and need to find one with a functional changing table. Then, there is potty training. By the time I was done with this for three kids, we hit the, “I need a bathroom because I just got my period” phase.


And I think my incontinence days aren’t far behind. So this is quite a useful app.

If you connect to Facebook, you can also write reviews of the restrooms you visit.

The SitOrSquat restroom finder is by Charmin.