securitycameraI received a Logitech WiLife Digital Security System to review. These are digital video cameras that can be placed inside or outside and then connect via the electrical wiring in your home, to your computer.

You can also check on the status of what you’re monitoring remotely — when you’re traveling, or even at work. I’m not going to get into too many technical details. There are many good reviews and I don’t feel the need to reinvent the wheel. If you are a gear head, check out the reviews here, here and here.

The main thing to note before buying this system is that there is a little hard work involved and there are a few technical issues to overcome.

First off: you have to think about where you want to put your camera. Is there a power outlet nearby? If not, you’re going to have an ugly extension cord there.


Platinum for Logitech Digital Video SecurityNext: you should know that if your computer is asleep or off, the system won’t work. You won’t be able to log in remotely. Your computer must be on and the software program open for the system to work.

Also, if you are using home plug technology, you might have to forgo your current system in order to get WiLife to work. (If you don’t know about Home Plug, you’re probably not already using it. Don’t sweat it.) We use Home Plug and we had a lot of technical issues trying to get the WiLife to work. Their tech support was unhelpful and could not direct us. Eventually, we figured out that we just needed to unplug our current system and use theirs. Not a long term solution for us.

But: if you want a relatively inexpensive solution for a security cam, without having to hire a security company to install and monitor your house, this is a great solution. You can use the system while you’re at dinner or on vacation — since your computer is on, you can just remotely log in and see what’s going on at your house. That’s good for some peace of mind.

I have the outdoor camera and I’m amazed at how well the picture looks, even in very low light. At first I thought the program froze, but then something moved and I realized I was looking at a live feed.

Really, just having a video camera set up outside is a good deterent. If you’re not into gadgets, you can look into the fake camera in the SkyMall magazine. It’s not hooked into anything, but you put a battery in it and it has a flashing red light — as if it works. Sometimes, a visual deterrent is all you really need.