SecuraPALinhandHere’s a device that could be a real comfort to parents while visiting places or events where large crowds are expected: the SecuraPAL by SecuraTrac. It helps keep track of your child’s location.

The devices can be purchased so that you have it at all times, or you can rent them while at amusement parks or on family vacations. The parents can contact SecuraTrac and the company will set up the device to work for their specific destinations. Essentially, the SecuraPAL can be programmed to alert parents if their child leaves a designated area such as a hotel, a certain part of a park, or other location. It can be used to locate a child on-demand, using a cell phone, and also has a special feature that works like a SOS button in case the child ends up separated and scared. The child would just push the button and it sends an automatic test to their parent’s cell phone with directions on how to find them. If you want to buy one instead of renting, the SecuraPAL is $199.99 and then the monthly service fee is $24.99.  You can buy them on their web site.
They’ve set us up with a special code for savings for anyone interested in owning their own SecuraPAL. If you use promo code MomPAL07 by July 31st you’ll get 10% off a SecuraPAL.