Safetytat safety-tattoo-on-armIt’s a parent’s worst nightmare: losing a kid – especially one who’s too little to know his or her parents’ full names, address, phone number, and the like. What’s a parent to do?

Short of staying home (or keeping your kids on a short leash), there are ways to keep your kids safe. I recently came across SafetyTat, a set of peel-and-stick adhesive “tattoos” on which a parent can write their cell or home phone number. Then, in the event that a child is separated from a parent, the parent’s emergency contact information is written on the tattoo, which can be used to reunite parent and child.

My husband and I decided to give the SafetyTat tattoos a try at a school event where our five-year-old would be without us.


Applying the SafetyTat Tattoo

The SafetyTat tattoos come in a kit with alcohol wipes and a special pen to write with. After cleaning and firmly applying the tattoo to our daughter’s arm up under her short sleeve, my husband wrote his cell phone number on the tattoo. It was easy to do, save for the wiggling and fidgeting our daughter did while he was trying to write. Then we set her loose.

Long-Lasting Child Identity Tattoo
Fortunately, the tattoo was not needed; however, it was a good “dry run” for a time when we might want to have the kids marked with a phone number in case they are separated from us, such as at a theme park or Day out with Thomas. The tattoo lasted for two days, after which the ink became smudged. At no point did our daughter pick or try to remove the tattoo; instead, she simply forgot it was there.

According to the packaging, it can last up to two weeks; the adhesive certainly showed no signs of losing its stickiness after five days of wear (see comparison photo), but the ink might not last that long. Perhaps if the phone number had been shorter or if we had used the “Tat Builder” option in which parents order the tattoos with certain information printed on them, it might have lasted that long.
Safetytat-safety-tattoo-for-kidsWe have two more unused tattoos in the pack, which we will definitely use again when we’re planning to bring the kids to a crowded area in which we could become separated.

Disclosure: A three-pack of SafetyTat tattoos was provided to me for review purposes; all opinions are my own.

Teresa J. Shaw is a working mom of two. She writes about work and travel for Traveling Mom. Visit her blog Working Traveling Mom and follow her on Twitter at @TeresaShaw.