Jabra_FREEWAYSaving money with three small kids during the summer can be challenging. One area that many people are cutting costs is in the travel bucket. Our travel budget was cut out and we drove from New York to Chicago. We drove out there without any (seriously) portable DVD players in tow. The only high-tech item we used during our roadtrip was our Android. Thanks to the universal a cable my husband picked-up at Radio Shack for a few dollars, we were able to livestream music from Pandora through the car stereo. This came in very handy when all 3 of our k ids decided to kvetch at the same time. It was during those moments that I fell in love with “The Wiggles” even more.

During our in Chicago, I had the opportunity to attend a “blogging” event for Jabra. I had never heard of this company before, now I can’t stop talking about them. I was a perfect fit for Jabra’s Freeway speakerphone,. Even after I arrived to Chicago, I spent one hour everyday taking my kids to and from camp. The Jabra Freeway has me (and all of us schlepping here and there) in mind. This speakerphone fits in the palm of your hand, yet you don’t need to hold on to it while driving (see where I am heading with us). It is illegal in Illinois and New York to use a hand-held cell phone. Jabra Freeway is battery-powered and can connect to most cellphones. The sound quality is outstanding. Imagine having a conversation that is clear with a cellphone? I was very impressed.