rosettaLast month my kid’s cousins visited us from Italy. There was happiness all around – lots of smiles, gestures and hugging and unfortunately, blank stares. No one could understand each other! The only one in our family who speaks Italian is my husband and the cousins spoke only 5 words of English. My husband wound up translating for everyone until the conversation dwindled to just him and the cousins.

Ironically, during their visit, I was invited to learn more about Rosetta Stone language instruction and was given my choice of languages to try out. I chose Italian of course. My 11 year old swiped it as soon as I got home and has been having fun with it. He tried out his new words on his cousins and although it wasn’t a fluid conversation, it was whole lot better than nothing!

The Rosetta Stone method is immersion. There are no translation books.  Instead, they use images and audio and opportunities to speak with native speakers.  I was amazed at how fast it works.  I learned how to say boy and girl in Swedish in less than 30 seconds.

Being able to communicate is so important especially if you are traveling to another country or if, as in my case, they are coming to visit you!