diaperclutch-300x204There is nothing more exhillerating to me than a full tank of gas and a road map! The countless roadtrips I’ve taken across America and Europe have been some of the best times of my life. There is something truly magical about striking off on your own, taking the long way and enjoying the scenery.

But my avdenturous spirit took a major backseat when I had my first baby. The thought of hours on end cooped up in the car with my child sounded like torture for both of us! I was overwhelmed by the potential difficulties that could come up and ill-equipped for such a venture. But as I began to discover the tips and gear designed for taking tinys on the road, I found that with a little preparation, a family roadtrip is a blast!

In my next few posts, I want to pass along my experiences for Roadtripping with Tinys. Let’s start with the gear “Must-Haves”:

#1 – Carseat Cover


babybellamaya-150x150The spills, the pukes and the wetting-of-pants – I can guarantee you that at least one of these things will happen while roadtripping with young children. It can put a huge kink in your travel plans, if you’re not properly prepared! Your first and best line of defense is a Carseat Cover, and preferably a revearsable one. That way, if you’re in the middle of the desert on your way to Phoenix and your 4 yr. old’s stomach full of red licorice decides to revolt, you can pull off the cover, rinse it as best you can and keep moving. If the stain doesn’t come out when you get to a washer, no biggie! Just use the other side. This pretty carseat can be found at Baby Bella Maya

#2The Lapdesk

lapdesk-150x1505 hours into the Disney-bound driving, you’ll be ready to trade your left hand for a set of ear plugs. This is when you pull out the lapdesks. Pack a couple of fun activity books and some washable markers for each child and, like magic, they’ll spend hours in blissful silence. They’re great for drawing, homework – even eating meals on! Because they provide a hard surface, with a soft underpillow, lapdesks are comfortable, light-weight and easy to store under a seat. This cute lapdesk is from Room It Up

#3 – The Diaper Clutch/Changing Pad

The last thing you want to do while balancing your poopy baby on the edge of a sink in a tiny gas station bathroom is dig through an overloaded diaper bag, looking for your wipes. In fact, I don’t even pack a traditional diaper bag for roadtrips! I simply load up my Diaper Clutch (an ingenius changing pad that also holds diapers and wipes) and go. It fits in the glove box where I can easily grab it whenever the car fills with that tell-tale smell. Found at Joyababy

#4 – Backpacks

dantebeatrixIt’s true – I really don’t pack a diaper bag when we hit the road. Instead, each kiddo has a small backpack filled with all their individual needs and a couple of fun surprises. Sippy cups, sunglasses, books, toys, crayons, etc. are all easy for my tinys to access…and carry around! Next week I’ll tell you some of the fun ideas I’ve found for loading the backpack with surprises guaranteed to make little travelers happy (and quiet!). Backpack by Dantebeatrix

#5 – The Travel Potty

travel-potty-d-150x150Seriously, folks, don’t leave home without this one. There is no need to lose your mind when, 50 miles away from any civilization, your child announces he needs to “go” right now (even though you begged him to “go” at the last pitstop and he refused). Just pull over, pop out the travel potty and 5 minutes later you’re back on your way! I have seen these used on camping trips, nature hikes and one time in a tunnel in Switzerland where traffic was stopped for a major accident. The child I nannied for was threatenning her own “major accident” if she didn’t get to a bathroom fast. So we set up the travel potty, held up a blanket for privacy and little miss 3 year old did her thing with no troubles! This fold-and-go potty is from Cool Gear

Learn from my misadventures on this one – gear up before traveling with tinys and you’ll be ready for whatever the open road brings!