Best Road Trip Toys and Apps for KidsFor some, family road trips are just the means to an end. For others, the journey is a big part of the fun. Here are a few the the best apps and games for kids as chosen by Parents’ Choice to keep minds occupied and meltdowns to a minimum.

Best Apps for Kids

Tales2Go, a streaming service of more than 4,000 audio books, works for anyone who loves a great story. For $9.99 a month ($99.99/year) a family of up to five users can share an account, and listen together or to different stories at the same time! Available for iOS and Android.

Duck Duck Moose, Sago Sago and Toca Boca will keep the backseat crowd conflict free and learning on the road.

Book Creator for iPad will have ‘tweens and teens start working on the Road Trip Book before you even back out of the driveway ($4.99, Red Jumper Studio)

Best Games for Kids

Photo courtesy of Spot It

Photo courtesy of Spot It

Spot It Road Trip is a card game where players first spot and name the matching image on two cards, and then you find that image on the road. ($12.99, BlueOrange Games, 7+)

Elephant’s Trunk requires no reading for players to take turns helping Emmet the elephant pack for vacation. ($14.99, Gamerwright, 4+)

Last Letter  ($12.99, ThinkFun, 8+) is a mind challenging seek and find twist on time-tested “last letter” games using artfully illustrated cards. The more players, the faster and more challenging  the game becomes.

Yottsugo is either a logic puzzle for word-lovers, or a word puzzle for logic-lovers. Players are given 16 letter tiles to arrange into a grid such that all 4-tile rows and columns form common English words. ($26.95, FatBrain Toys, 12+)

Best Toys for Kids

Photo courtesy of You Turns

Photo courtesy of You Turns

YouTurns, a steering wheel lap toy with a screen that displays gameboard-like scenery of a winding street complete with buildings, cars, and pedestrians, will keep backseat drivers ages 3+ entertained. ($19.99, BToys)

Fortamajig can transform any space–whether at Grandma’s house or the Marriott, into a fort, a hideaway, a space station or a tea party room. The 24 Velcro loops are sewn at well-positioned points throughout this 8×8 foot square of brightly colored nylon ripstop just waiting for a child’s creativity. ($49.95, The Happy Kid Company, 3+)