nanny_caddy_When my family traveled to Walt Disney World earlier this year, our trip was full of firsts. It was my husband’s first marathon. It was the first time my youngest flew on a plane. And it was the first time I encountered a Nanny Caddy.

It happened like this – we were in Terminal B of the Philadelphia International airport, waiting to board our plane to Orlando. My teenage son was hungry (now, does that surprise anyone?), and he had a Snickers bar in his jacket pocket “just in case.” Right before we were called to board, he ate the candy bar – and ended up with melted chocolate all over his fingers.

Now, it’s been eight years since I had a new baby, so I didn’t have wet wipes with me in my carry-on. Fortunately a new mom was in line with us. Seeing our dilemma, she pointed me in the direction of The Nanny Caddy, a vending machine filled with all the diaper bag necessities – including (yes!) baby wipes. Problem solved.

Ever since then, I’ve seen The Nanny Caddy in many of our favorite attractions, including Sea World in Orlando, the Crayola Factory in Easton, PA, and last week at the Adventure Aquarium right here in New Jersey. The vending machine is stocked with diapers, wipes, diaper cream, sun block, breastfeeding supplies and even pacifiers and sippy cups….everything a mom on the go could want, but may forget. Seriously, why weren’t these around when my kids were little?

Apparently The Nanny Caddy was the brain storm of a mom (who else?) who realized how quickly a day of fun can turn when something important is forgotten. And considering how much moms have to remember, who couldn’t use a “supply closet” on the go?