LEnovo tablet

Photo credit: Kim Orlando / TravelingMom

Like the practice for which it’s named, the Lenovo Yoga Tablet is flexible. I can use it as a tablet, desktop and I can position it three different ways, including a down dog-like tent fold that is great for moving watching when I’m traveling with my electronics-obsessed kids.

And like yoga, some of the Lenovo Yoga Tablet transitions need work. Like when I am logged into my email and want to switch from tablet mode to desktop mode. I have to log in again.

I have been a non-committal yogi for over 10 years, diligently practicing for months at a time, and then not practicing for months at a time.  Right now I am in diligent practice mode.  If I could only create the home practice I long for, I would be walking around on my hands and meditating for hours on end.  For now I am content with improved flexibility and balancing on one leg without falling on my face.

My kids would be better off if they spent more time hijacking my yoga practice instead of my Yoga tablet, but its sleek look, great speakers and crystal clear screen win out over deep breaths.  My 13 year old is especially thrilled with the Yoga tablet and when I asked why he thought it was called a Yoga tablet, he said “it’s not like it’s limited, it stretches.”

Using yoga in the name of a device is a stretch but it makes sense. (I know. Bad pun – but I couldn’t help it.)