Branching out from familiar travel gear to new satchels and suitcases designed with research involving savvy travelers isn’t automatically simple. Here’s what happens with a new ecbc backpack.

Effective Travel Backpack


The ecbc tech savvy backpack is larger and firmer than familiar old travel favorites. Photo by Christine Tibbetts, BlendedFamily TravelingMom.

Rummaging around in my soft, smallish backpack to fish out my phone or a pen or a writer’s notebook and remembering it’s in my purse over the other shoulder just might be a thing of the past now that I’ve traveled with an ecbc backpack. (The curious lower-case initials stand for: Evolve Cases and Bags of California.)

Pockets of many sizes and shapes, secured with substances that really stick and zippers that zip without snagging and deflect water, have given new clarity to my travel packing – from an electronic devices point of view.ProductReview

Here’s how I got to the point of forsaking the Sierra Club satchel that’s corralled some of my stuff on travels to India, Nepal, Peru, some of Europe and lots of the USA:


I interviewed the developer of ecbc designed for the traveler with many electronics. Isn’t that everybody you know, and you included?

Jean-Luc Annet is his name, the accent’s French and he encounters airport challenges monthly around America and internationally four to six times a year.

Fixing Needs of Travelers

”Anyone who travels will run into hassles at one point or another,” Annet says. “I wanted to help fix the needs of travelers.”

The ecbc focus is business travelers who take trips of two to five days. My focus is family travel, especially the multigenerational, blended kind of all ages.

For the times paper boarding passes required, reach easily with this specific backpack pocket.

For the times that paper boarding passes are required, reach them easily with this specific backpack pocket. Photo by Christine Tibbetts, Blended Family TravelingMom.

Annet says his designs also have young professionals in mind, and college students, because of their electronics and desire to simplify getting through airport security. Staying charged up matters to ecbc too.

Ditto for my family, no matter who is traveling with me.

Hercules Laptop Backpack

I brashly asked ecbc to share the Hercules model with me, preferably in the berry color. Could have chosen linen, blue, green or black like my old familiar satchel.

After three trips, I’m still struggling with the size and firmness compared to my collapse-in-a breeze old pack.

I am not wishing like I used to for an extra hand to rummage around wide-open pouches in search of anything. The Hercules K7102 keeps my stuff straight.

Product review ecbc backpack

Easy-to-retrieve markers help when traveling with kids. Photo by Christine Tibbetts, Blended Family TravelingMom.

It also gets me through TSA checkpoints with new ease. Rather than fill a few gray bins with everything electronic that matters to me, I can open the front flap of this bag to lie flat, devices in full view, gliding right along the conveyor belt.

At the other end—zip it up instead of stuff things back in willy nilly and wonder if I have everything.

Evolving Backpack

Annet calls this the ecbc FastPass System. Sounds a bit like Disney efficiency, front of the line for the best rides.

The company’s located an hour north of San Diego, three years old in 2015 and “flexible and growing” according to Annet.

The evolve part of the ecbc name (Evolve Cases and Bags of California) means a lot. “Vast changes have taken place in what people like to take when they travel,” Annet notes, and “all of us need ways to be more functional.

Leave tablet and laptop in defined spaces that airport security can see. Photo by Christine Tibbetts, Blended Family TravelingMom.

Leave tablet and laptop in defined spaces that airport security can see. Photo by Christine Tibbetts, Blended Family TravelingMom.

“That’s the goal we set designing totes, backpacks and all-inclusive bags for clothes, shoes, electronics for the traveler with a two to five day trip.”

These compartments served me well:

  • Horizontal zippered outside pocket, top of the front flap just right for airplane tickets when you have the old-fashioned paper kind. No folding needed.
  • A larger outside zippered pocket for things to reach quickly. Not too deep so good for cell phone retrieval. I’ve never worn mine on a belt and hesitate to walk around with it in my hand. Rather hold a child’s hand anyway.
  • Third zippered section still on the outside with compartments all its own including five slots for pens and pencils. Who still writes? Perfect for art tools for children on a long flight.
  • Within that outside section are a mesh see-what-you-put-in-here pocket with zipper, a conceal what’s inside zippered pouch and a third pocket secured with Velcro.

What about Inside ecbc Hercules?

Sturdy larger spaces are available on both sides of the inside for your laptop and tablet, plus another mesh zippered horizontal space. It’s not obvious yet to me after three trips what’s best suited for that mesh pocket.

I have lost water bottles slipping from backpack pockets that were too short. Won’t happen again because my Hercules bottle holder is long, tall and zippered, and there’s one on each side.

That sounds like family travel to me. Extra pacifiers, tissues, whimsical toys could fit in those spots too.

Kodra is the material, nearly indestructible and outdoor tested, says Annet. I appreciated thick padding in the shoulder straps.

Don’t suppose I’ll lug all those electronics and family travel support systems in the heat for long walks but if so, I suspect I’d be glad about the moisture wicking mesh across the back and the body-sides of the shoulder straps.

Or maybe I will; think I should take this to Costa Rica in July when my multigen travel includes two sons, two daughters-in-law and two young granddaughters?

Might be useful in different ways for an unplugged, not-so-electronic holiday.

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Consider how crucial this ecbc backpack will be if carryon luggage rules reduce the allowable size further. TravelingMom Megy Karydes researched the proposal.

What electronics do you carry when you travel? How do you manage it all? Share with us in the comment section below.