Out on a hike with a our Band-Aid tagging along. Photo Credit Becky Davenport/Budget TravelingMom

In most cases, a scrape, cut, bug bite, or any open wound is easily cared for. In my household it can be life altering, even life threatening.

We have had to cancel travel plans, miss multiple days of school, and spend countlessSponsoredReview dollars on medical supplies. That’s because my daughter has MRSA. A little over a year ago, she had a scrape that was worse than a minor scrape – it was life altering. She contracted a staph infection called MRSA that can’t be killed by standard antibiotics.

My first fear when I realized this was going to be more than a one-time illness was that life as we knew it had to stop. My daughter is an avid softball and basketball player, she loves to swim, and our family travels a lot. I feared that everywhere we went, every person we touched, we would either get sick from them or they would get sick from us.


Living with MRSA

We have had five outbreaks in the past year and I have learned the best defense starts before you have an outbreak. I am a walking medical kit; we take a first aid Kit everywhere we go. Everywhere–including deep in the woods on a nature hike.

Every cut, bug bite, scratch, funny spot on our body, or open wound goes through a strict “cleansing” and “sterilization” procedure.

The moment we notice any small skin break we immediately clean the wound with soap and water, followed by an alcohol wipe from our first aid kit. Then we treat the wound with Neosporin ointment followed by a BAND-AID brand bandage. Finally we wash our hands again with warm soapy water.

I have found this procedure to be successful at stopping the spread of germs while we enjoy our life.

Neosporin and Band-Aids

People often ask why Neosporin Ointment and BAND-AID brand bandages? The answer is easy. Neosporin gives you 24-hour protection and is proven to heal faster than store brands. In our case, the faster we can a wound to heal, the least likely we are to get an infection.

I have found BAND-AID bandages to be tougher. As I said, my daughter is an avid softball and basketball player, and she loves to swim. I have little fear that the BAND-AID brand bandages will fall off and leave her exposed to germs or expose others to her germs.

If you look in our car, our truck, my camera bag, my purse, her softball bag, our travel gear – the list goes on — you will find a Johnson & Johnson First Aid Kit, complete with Neosporin and BAND-AIDs. That was true even before I was paid to write this sponsored post.

Keeping supplies handy

In the trunk of my car, the dash of our truck, and inside our home I keep a full-size Johnson & Johnson First Aid Kit. I know we will most likely always be close by one of these three places.

My put together First Aid Kit.  Photo Credit Becky Davenport/Budget TMOM

My First Aid Kit.
Photo Credit Becky Davenport/Budget TravelingMom

In my camera bag, her softball bag, my purse, and many other places you will find a mini Johnson & Johnson First Aid Kit. I refill the kits with new bandages; it’s the handiest little thing you can find. It says First Aid Kit- so everyone knows what it is, plus it is hard plastic, durable, and keeps all of our needs in one place.

While I hope none of you ever have to be cautious as I do, I do encourage you to stock up on a good First Aid Kit. As you use supplies from the kit, restock with what you use, keeping your kit prepared just in case.

The main things you need in your first aid kit is a way to clean, treat, and cover the your wound. Johnson & Johnson has put together this neat little website that will help you build your kit and offers some great coupons to help you be prepared for an emergency.