Prenatal Vitamin While TravelingFolks talk about going on a babymoon, doctors warn about traveling in the third trimester, and of course everyone has heard at least one horror story of a side of the road or airplane birth and another one about the morning sickness that struck in the security line at the airport.Having traveled extensively through two pregnancies for work I have memorized the locations of smoothie carts (it was all I could keep down), actually used the air sickness bag (not my proudest moment), and gone on the never ending quest for ginger ale in an airport that was shutting down for the night. When there is so much to plan for the last thing you want is a surprise. It was 1am in Philly and after checking into my room I went to take my prenatal vitamins. I was taking gummy ones because they tasted the least offensive to me. Problem. They were melted into one giant super gummy bear inside my tupperware. Super.

I tried another type of prenatal vitamin. Not to go into details but the last thing you need on the road is to not be able to um… go. Those were quickly crossed off. I started using fizzy dissolvable packets of vitamins that weren’t specially designed for pregnant women. They were fine but expensive. After having the baby I was introduced to PreMama. Where was this my whole pregnancy?!? The vitamins come in powder form in a little paper tube (think Pixie Stix). It has two servings in each “straw”, one for morning and one for evening. Not only can you mix it into water and drink it but it has little flavor so you can dump into your morning yogurt, into juice, or my personal favorite- add it to a smoothie. As a nursing mother I am so happy to have found this! It also means I never have to worry about melted vitamins again. I clip a few straws for the days I’m going to be gone right into my planner and I am good to go! Talk about a travel savvy pregnancy product. Now if they can tackle packing a diaper bag that weighs less than 25 pounds I’d appreciate it. 

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* Disclosure- I received a sample box of Premama and participated in a campaign that includes this post. I chose to participate because I had already tried and liked Premama and had in fact even given some to a pregnant friend so I can recommend it whole-heartedly!

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