NGKSmallAtlasAt two and a half years old, my daughter has been to more continents than most adults I know, a fact that I am extremely proud of.  While most children her age have no idea what a Chicago dog tastes like, haven’t been to dozens of Spanish cities, and don’t have their own stuffed camel from Africa, my daughter has a very unique perspective of the world.  But, while she has experienced many different places and cultures, a lot of what she understands about geography is unexplainable to a child – as in the fact that she went to sleep in one city and then she woke up on a plane in another.

In explaining geography to her, I really struggled with how to put in plain words that these memories she has from our travels are actually from different cities…in different countries… on entirely different continents.  Of course, that’s where National Geographic Kids comes into play.

To show our kids their place in the world and where all these travel memories originated from, we got to check out the new personalized National Geographic Kids Atlas of My World this fall.  By answering just a few short questions about my children and where we live and then uploading a picture, we were able to create a personalized keepsake for them to treasure forever. 


The finished atlas is a hardcover book with 48 pages and has over 200 photographs and maps to make geography really come alive.  With special touches such as political and physical maps, as well as color-coded facts explaining about the people and the customs of the world, your child will love reading about places both familiar and unfamiliar.  These brightly colored pages are all adorable and are absolutely perfect for teaching children all about their world. 

Starting from their personalized cover which opens to reveal a personal dedication from hubby and I, it’s very clear this is a very special book.  As cool as it is that the Atlas of My World has pictures of my beautiful children and all the information about where we live, what really makes the atlas special is the understanding of how children learn. 

NGK_Atlas_JennifersmallThere is really no better way to explain geography to children than to start with their place in it, and that is just what the Atlas of My World does.  It starts with your child’s information and the place where you live and then onto the next big city.  From there children can learn about the state in which they live, and then on to the country (US and Canada only at this time), with the geographical region growing with each turn of the page.  This way of starting small with a house in the suburbs in Washington and then working to expand to teach kids all about their world around them is truly unique and makes the atlas an indispensable tool for parents. 

If you are looking for the perfect gift to encourage your child’s love of geography and to teach them about different people and places, look no further than National Geographic Kids Atlas of My World.  As much as I love that it will help my children to learn more about our world around us, I also hope that it helps them discover their place in it and hopefully inspire them to travel and explore together as they get older. 

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