'panasonic live view finder'

Photo credit: Shari Von Holten / Celebrity TravelingMom

Among its many amazing features, the Panasonic Lumix ZS40 is a camera with a Live View Finder feature. The Live View Finder (LVF) is basically the screen you see on the back of your camera. But, in the case of the Panasonic ZS40, there are two options as to how you can take your photos.

These two options are either using the viewfinder (as seen on the ‘old fashioned’ cameras), where you see the image you are taking with your eye or the LCD monitor (the screen on the back of the camera). For example, when trying to take photos on the beach, where you can’t see a thing due to glare on your monitor, you can use the viewfinder. With the touch of the LVF button, the LCD monitor shuts off and you are now using the viewfinder. There is even a diopter adjustment dial located right next to the viewfinder that enables the user to clearly see the people, places and things in the photo.

Turning the viewfinder feature off is simple; again all you need to do is press the LVF button and you are back to seeing your photos on the LCD monitor.

There are many benefits to using the LCD Monitor as well. For those times when the subject is not at eye level, like when you are at a concert, you can hold the camera up and still see the image you are taking. The monitor also allows you to use the grid lines, utilize the facial recognition function, and use the menu for taking photos using the creative control feature, in addition to a multitude of other amazing features.

Whether you choose to use the LVF or the LCD monitor is a personal decision and will really depend on where you are, the lighting and your own needs.