peptidesSkip the bulky makeup bag and pop one or two teeny-tiny jars of these multi-purpose cosmetics in your bag and you?re set. They come in a rainbow of colors and can all be used as eye, lip, cheek, and even nail color, either wet for a metallic sheen or gently blended into the skin for a healthy daytime glow. We were intrigued when we discovered that TV makeup artists use these sparkly powders to perk up already perky Jennifer Love Hewitt on the hit show, Ghost Whisperer. But what we really like is how they?re made ? with technology created to deliver much-needed oxygen directly to your skin. And the ingredients list, which includes Japanese green tea and other age-defying components, is pretty cool too. But go easy on ?em because with these little wonders, a little goes a very long way. ($17,