otterbox iPhone caseThere’s nothing worse than spending a bunch of money on something you NEED, like a phone or iPad, and having it break because it doesn’t come with a buffer zone around it. But that’s what Otterbox is for—an extra layer of protection in case that pricey tech you count on is dropped or abused accidentally. When I invested in an iPad 2 earlier this year, my kids immediately adopted it. My kids don’t really get just how delicate these devices can be. And I don’t really have the money to replace them when said kids drop them during an argument, or just walking around the house. It happens. I get it. Everyone makes a mistake (even I’ve dropped the phone while carrying too many other things). But with the Otterbox cover, my tech has a much better chance of surviving these trying times.

otterboxWhen Otterbox offered to send me the Defender Series cover to review a few months ago, I jumped on the chance.  It was simple to install, although the screen protector is a bit tricky to get on just right.  Once it’s on, it does wonders protecting the screen from scratches. The actual cover is like a frame around the iPad, and adds a bit of weight to the device.  I guess it’s the price you pay for protection.  It’s well worth it in my household.  I suppose I think of my Otterbox cover as a bit of insurance as sorts. And, since the device costs as much as some laptops, I need all the insurance I can get.

(Note: Otterbox did send a cover but did not pay for this review. The opinions mentioned are my own.)