ikea-blue-bagsAre you the type of person who needs to get just the right gear for each activity?  Yeah, me neither. But I’m married to the type. He loves to buy me things I think I don’t need. This last purchase – a backpack boot bag for my ski boots – was a doozy.

I used to carry my boots, helmet, goggles and gloves in one of those huge blue Ikea bags. It was fine. My kids stuff was also in there.  We could fit all three of us! My husband had his own boot bag.

He started off buying my kids their own boot bags with backpack capabilities. I thought this was a colossal waste of money, but he convinced me that it taught them independence (see the video on them leading us through the Denver airport) – that they would sooner take charge of their ski equipment. He had me on that.  I stuck with the Ikea bag.

Then, for Hanukkah, he got me the boot bag. Sigh. It wasn’t that I didn’t want it. (It was that I wanted black suede knee high boots instead.) But I put my gear in it and… I liked it.  I liked that we all took care of our own gear.  It was like I had teenagers, instead of a 7 and 8 year old.

When we took an airplane with our boot bags, I became a real believer.  I got EVERYTHING that I need to ski inside the bag.  Well, not my skis or poles, but everything else: clothing, thermals, socks, helmet, goggle, gloves.  This was great!  The rest of my luggage was non-skiing stuff. Helped to keep me organized.

In sum: the boot bag is great not only for your kids, but for you.  The backpack feature gives you the opportunity to carry your skis with greater ease. I’m not a gadget person, not a gear head.  And I’m so happy with my boot bag.