Have you ever felt like you were being upsold at a store where you were spending a lot of money anyway? Did you take a hard stance against the salesperson — logic be damned! And then, did you realize that perhaps the salesperson was not merely pushy, he was RIGHT! So annoying when that happens. Especially when it takes three years to figure out.
Until we moved to Boise three years ago, I did not do much skiing. When we arrived, I had to buy practically everything: clothing, accessories, equipment. The first year, I rented skis, but I bought boots. It’s important to have your own boots if you will be skiing every year. Even once a year — get the boots. You can always rent the skis.

When I bought the boots, the salesguy tried to get me to buy custom insoles — a kind of orthotic for your boot (which you can bring to your next boot, by the way), so that your foot has pure contact with the bottom of the boot, giving you more control when you ski. (I didn’t understand this at the time. Yes, it was explained to me.) I deferred, because it was going to cost another $125 and I had just spent many times that getting myself and my kids ready to ski for our first season in Idaho.

“You’ll be back!” he barked. As if I couldn’t live without insoles. I would show him. My boots were fine! OK, my feet flopped around a little on the turns. And toward the end of my 2nd season with them, the padding inside my boot compressed so I had to come up with some McGiver-ish solution, padding the inside of my boots, that didn’t really work.

So, I went to a different guy to get the insoles. Someone whose work comprises ONLY of creating orthotics, but who is also a lifelong skier. I’ll let him explain this to you…

Video of Jeff

Ski Magazine rated Foot Dynamics as one of the 10 best ski boot fitters in the country. I did not know this when I went to see him last year. I feel even better about my purchase! Also, if there are places in your boot that are too tight, did you know that if you take them to someone like Jeff, they can make more space in the boot for you? Like, for your pinky toe. (You know who you are.)

If you are serious about improving as a skier or even if you want the days that you do ski to be the best, think seriously about getting custom insoles. There is a HUGE difference in how your whole body performs with a snug and properly fitting boot.

Please note that I receive no compensation from this article. I feel ethically compelled to urge you to get custom insoles as they upped my ski game dramatically.

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