kidstravelLooking for gadgets to not only keep your kids busy and safe, but also keep your self sane and organized on your next trip?  Traveling Mom has been looking around and we’ve come up with with a list of some new travel items made especially for moms and children:

Keeping the kids entertained on a plane or long road trip:


  • You don’t have a DVD player, and so you are constantly playing games like “I Spy” and singing songs to keep the kids entertained?  You want a break so that you can read a book, look at the window, have adult conversation?  Sounds familiar! Now you can try something new that is sure to keep the kids entertained.  Kneebouncers is a new website that lets babies and toddlers play computer games – without a mouse. Just tap on the keyboard and magic happens on the screen. The site has 20+ games from letter and number learning to balloon pop and more for hours of endless entertainment and no downloading, software or equipment required.  Kneebouncers is perfect for the airport or a long road trip.

Keeping moms sane and organized:

  • DiaperBuds are individually wrapped, vacuum-packed disposable baby diapers for on-the-go. Because of their patented packaging, they are 70% smaller than regular diapers (no more taking up the whole suitcase.) When opened they ‘bloom’ into a full-sized premium diaper.
  • No more digging through your bag for your phone. Texthook is a smartphone holder that attaches to any handlebar (think stroller etc.) providing a con venient and safe place to store your phone. The mount rotates so that it can be secured to either a single or double handlebar.
  • Offering convenience like never before when traveling with a baby, Steri-bottle is a 100% recyclable disposable baby bottle.  Steri-bottle require s no stertoybungeeilizing or washing- just fill, feed, and recycle.  Each bottle is ready to use, BPA-free and phthalate free.
  • The Toy Bungee p uts an end to the throwing game- no more sippies and toys being thrown to the back of the car or across the airplane aisle. It keeps sippies, bottles, and toys where you want them- attached to the stroller, car seat, grocery cart, or highchair.  The button design of the Toy Bungee means small fingers can’t unbutton the strap and items stay put. 



Keeping everyone safe:


  • As families travel to the beach this summer, sun protection must be on the top of all of our minds.  The ezShade (pictured on left) is the new portable shade curtain that instantly attaches to any umbrella or canopy – giving more sun protection in a wider shaded space, without having to tote around a heavy tent. ezShade is UPF 50+ and blocks over 99% of UVA and UVB rays.

The important thing to remember when you travel is to bring what you need to make everyone happy (without over-packing, of course!).  If any of these above-mentioned products will make your trip a better one and will create a good experience for all, than it’s worth a try.

Disclosure: These products were sent to Traveling Mom to review, but no opinion was expected in this post.  These are the opionions of the writer.