batterypackLast week, I spent an afternoon running around on a scavenger hunt at Epcot Center at Disney World with a bunch of Type-A moms. We had to take photos, tweet and post to Facebook as part of the challenge. I am one of the LAST people you would expect to be into a scavenger hunt. Not my thing. But the chemistry between me and my five teammates was electric! We were a little insane. We HAD to win. (We did.)

Our secret weapon was not only that we had a true Disney Geek with us (thanks, Lauren), but we also had Deb’s secret weapon: an external battery pack with all sorts of adaptors for different phones. So when someone was almost out of juice, no matter what kind of phone they had (Android, Blackberry, iPhone), they could use the battery pack and continue to tweet, text and post to facebook. And answer calls from back home.

If you’re going to traipse around Disney with a big group — whether it’s family or your school or a conference — take along an extra battery pack. You use your phone to the max when you’re away from your computer. You might be surprised at how quickly you drain the battery.

The battery pack is small, can fit in your pocket and will save you when you’re almost out of juice. So worth it.