I no longer leave home without packing a power strip. I learned this the hard way–during an extended layover at one of those airports with maddeningly few electric outlets. The two at the gate were already taken by the time I arrived. So I wandered around until I found an open outlet at a phone booth (yes, one with an actual pay telephone). Fortunately, there was a small seat so I could balance the latpop on my laptop and type away. Not nearly as comfortable as it would have been to sit at the gate, but at least I was able to get some work done.

power_stripThe solution to this problem is so simple: Pack a power strip. Now I always tuck one into the outside zippered pocket of my roll-aboard bag (that way my overburdened shoulders are bearing the additional weight). Then, if I’m in need of more power and the two outlets at the gate are already taken, all I have to do is ask nicely, “Do you mind if I plug in this power strip and then we can all power up?”