Photo Credit - Becky Davenport

Photo Credit – Becky Davenport / Budget TravelingMom

For years I have dreamed of catching those breathtaking moments of my children’s faces as they first experience things. Last month I was given that opportunity and as I sit here today I cannot tell you how priceless those moments are.

When I first opened the box of my Panasonic A500H wearable video camera – I thought “OK, this is cool, but I probably will be too embarrassed to wear it” – unknown to most I am kind of shy.

A few days later I found myself sitting in the ProductReviewsand at Clearwater Beach, Florida, thinking I should really take that camera out there and capture a few of these moments!

So not only is the camera to reason I was able to catch amazing video footage, but it is also the reason I was motivated enough to take a swim.

The Panasonic A500H camera is a wearable camera – basically strap on the armband  – which holds the LCD monitor part of the camera – then put the lens in your fancy headgear. As dorky as this sounds, it is actually quite comfortable and you don’t notice it on your head,

The camera is waterproof and dustproof; making it perfect for almost any environment; including the beach.

Photo Credit: Becky Davenport

Photo Credit: Becky Davenport / Budget TravelingMom

Easy to Use Panasonic A500

This camera seems like it would be complicated to use, but other than set up, it is so simple to use that even my 7-year-old learned to use it quickly. She shot some amazing footage of me walking – you will never see that footage.

In comparison with other video cameras and waterproof cameras, this camera retails for about $350, which makes it pretty budget friendly. The camera uses a rechargeable battery and a resusable mini-sd card.

Like my Panasonic ZS40, the Panasonic A 500 syncs to my smartphone; making sharing easier!

The camera shoots in 4K video resolution at 30p. I am not a digital guru or someone who really cares about what size of image that is, but what I do know is I get amazing videos with this camera no matter where I am.

Overall this Panasonic A500 is not my everyday camera; but I do take it when we are off for an adventure.

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