mysmartpacAs a Traveling Mom of three Tinys, I come last. In other words, by the time I make all the travel arrangements, get the house in order and pack for all the kiddos, I’m lucky to throw a hairbrush and spare pare of underwear in a bag for myself! I’m sure many of you can relate.

I end up longing for left-behind comforts, using the awful stuff the hotels give you or wandering the streets of San Antonio at 11 pm, looking for an open grocery store (more on that another time). I’ve often wondered what the cure is for my packing predicament. Until now…

When a last-minute chance to visit my sister in AZ came up a few weeks ago, I was so relieved to simply grab mysmartpac and go! I knew I had exactly what I needed in one small, savvy little bag. Mysmartpac comes stocked and ready to go with all the basic toiletries: 3 blade shaving stick, 2 anti-bacterial hand wipes, anti-aging face cream, anti-oxidant face cleanser, anti-perspirant deodorant, hydrating body lotion, body wash, hair gel, toothbrush and mint flavor toothpaste. Everything fits perfectly in a sleek zip-top bag and is small enough to both slip in a purse and get you through airport security without any trouble!


mysmartpac2-150x150It took us two long days to roadtrip our way to Phoenix. During that time, it was so convenient to have mysmartpac along so I could freshen up at any stop along the way. I can imagine it would be super handy for long flights as well, because nobody wants to arrive in glamorous Paris looking like they’ve been on a plane for 14 hours! But mysmartpac isn’t just convenient – they’re products are also full of healthy ingredients such as green tea, grape seed oil, aloe vera and Vitmains A, B-5 and E. And when you add in yummy fragrances like “Quince Flower Citrus” and “Asian Lotus Ginger” you’re sure to smell good, look good and feel good while traveling light.

I was also impressed to discover that they make a separate Men’s and Women’s version of mysmartpac, tailored to fit each gender’s needs. The Men’s comes with shaving cream, aftershave and are available in scents like “Morning Fresh” and Citrus Woody”. Mysmartpac should definitely be on the Father’s Day gift list for every Traveling Dad!

It was a pleasure to try out such a savvy product and I am excited to take mysmartpac with me on future vacations. As a busy mom, I’m all about worry-free family travel, and mysmartpac absolutely lives up to their motto: Convenient, Simple, Very Smart. Now I just need them to make me a Kid and Baby version!