Travel TagsMy family and I recently took a trip back to the United States, a twenty-one hour journey, including the layover. For weeks, I loathed the day this would actually happen, simply because the sixteen hour direct flight portion of the trip seemed mind boggling to me. To top it off, I would be flying solo with two of my three children, as my husband had already taken my youngest over with him a week before.

As panic began to settle in days before the flight, I did what I normally do…began the soothing process of packing the suitcases and carry-ons.

Yes, I love packing. It’s so methodical. When it came time to packing the kids’ carry-ons, I put in what we normally do…a new activity coloring book, earphones, iPods and a reading book. Fast forward sixteen hours…the carry-ons were never opened. Not once. I didn’t need to bring anything! My new favorite travel items for kids…

1) Emirates Airline

ProductReviewFrom take-off to destination, this airline is top notch. Warm smiles greet you upon boarding, blankets, pillows and earphones await you at your seat, a tv screen with more media options than you could imagine at your seat and food, snacks and beverages are yours any time you want. And the kids…you won’t hear from them the entire time you’re on the plane. Emirates offers them their own TV channel complete with Disney movies, TV shows and games, but it doesn’t stop there. They also provide them with amazing kids meals and snacks, cuddly monster toys with matching blankets to keep, backpacks full of goodies and Quicksilver items. Even babies are catered to with bassinets, baby food, changing tables and complementary strollers (at Dubai airport). I could not have been happier with the service or flight experience on this airline (well, maybe if I were in business class…lol). Kudos to this company for understanding what customer service is all about.

Now that we were in the United States, my second and third new favorite travel items could come into play.

BabbaBox2) BabbaBox
BabbaBox. Say it again? BabbaBox. Huh? Yep, that’s what I was thinking…what is a BabbBox? Well, let me tell you, its something you’ll want to become familiar with very soon! This is a product geared towards three to six year olds and it guides them through a multi-sensory experience in the comfort of your home. When you sign up for this product, it will automatically be sent to your home each month, offering a new experience for you and your child. What child doesn’t love getting a package in the mail all their very own?

When I knew we were heading to the United States for two weeks I immediately thought of how amazing this product would be for destination travel! Many families are now taking off for two week to month long vacations. How nice would it be to have an activity delivered to your vacation home or hotel? Afterall, the kiddos can’t stay out in the sun all day! When our box arrived, we learned it was centered around organization skills (couldn’t have been any more perfectly suited for this mother!) It offered two activities, one to organize art supplies by making their very own craft box, and one to label their clothing. There’s also a story book included in the box. This is a great concept and doesn’t need to be limited to something only used at home. I could see this in schools, in hotels as part of being family-friendly and as a part of your next vacation.

3) Funkins Funkins

Many of us are trying to be more eco friendly in our lives, including while traveling. These 13×15″ brightly colored cloth pieces can be used as napkins or placemats…or even tucked in a shirt for an instant bib! The patterns draw kids in and can offer a fun surprise in any lunchbox. I like the idea of taking these on vacation because you never know where you’ll end up when traveling off the beaten path. Sometimes you want an extra protective barrier between your child and a surface, be it sitting down, laying down (put under head or under bum for changing table needs) or eating on that not so clean table. Wet with cool water and wrap around a neck or on a forehead when in those hot and humid locations. Then wash, dry and use again. We love them!

BabbaBox and Funkins provided complementary samples of their products. All opinions are my own.